Thinking – Why, How, Who, What and Where

Thinking – Why, How, Who What and Where

Assalamu alykum, As the title suggests, our prime focus is thinking and pondering according to the holy Quran.
In 2017 I suddenly went through an article on the internet that the theme or the word ‘Thinking’ has been referenced in the Allah’s word more than 800 times, I repeat eight hundred times in the holy Quran.

In the Qur’an God frequently and recurrently urged and commanded us to think, reflect, observe, ponder (and other similar words) in no less than 800 places.

Can you imagine the most recurring theme in the Quran has been repeated 800 times?

If you use the word ‘think’ as a search string of the English translation of the Quran, then the simple answer is 70.

Sometimes the number refers to 750 times.
What does it indicate? This theme has more reference than commonly known theme i.e. prayers, and fasting or starvation during the months of Ramadan.

I myself have never before sat for thinking on the reference, never. What has made me forgetful about this theme of the Quran?

I have no hesitation to confess that I am closely in touch with the Quran for one year just after completion of my ACII qualification.

However; it now seems to me that the Muslim community can only prosper provided that they get close to the Qur’anic theme i.e. thinking and thought on any matter under the sun.

The benefit of thinking:
 Thinking will enable you to know in-depth treatment of a topic or problem.
 It will make ready for any decision making
 It will obliterate the narrowness of the mind
 It will teach you the nitty-gritty of life
 It will make you earn quickly

Most preferred time for thinking:
 At the down
 Any lonely time
 In a sacred place
 Just after getting up from the sleep
 At mid-night

What facilitates the path for Thinking?

 Pen & paper
 Google earth
 After a national occurrence
 A good writing
 A wise talk

Who is supposed to do the thinking?
o Any member of the ummah
o Professors
o Teacher
o Writer
o Policymakers
o Journalist
o Students
o Hafeez
o Guardian
o Politicians

Who think in Bangladesh in 2019?
 Some professors
 Some Islamic scholars
 Some politicians

How to Be A Better Thinker
 Define the topic lists
 Allocate time
 Routinely thinking
 Life long pratcies

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