How to Become One of 100 Persons of the World on Any Branch of Knowledge

Do you know what will happen if you can read for one hour every day for one particular topic?!

  • You can finish reading a book in a week!
  • You will be able to finish 52 books a year!
  • After three years you will become an expert in that particular subject by reading 156 books!
  • After five years, you will become a local authority for relevant subjects by reading 260 books so that the locals can benefit from your knowledge!
  • After seven years you will become an international expert on related issues by reading 364 books and people from foreign nations can benefit from your expertise!
  • In ten years, you will be able to read 520 books like this! At that time, you will become one of the 100 knowledgeable persons on your subject.


Courtesy: Narayanganj Institute of Islam

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