Career Plan in Islam for a Muslim boy /Girl

The meaning is ”  I seek Allah’s protection from Satan, the accursed”.

Islamic Career Plan for a Muslim youth

The knowledge level of a muslim youth must reach a standard to meet the challenges of the modern age of information technology and scientific development. He or she should effectively face the demand of the age and be able to lead the family, society, nation and world.

In order to meet the above requirement of the muslim community and the world as a whole, muslim youth cannot but maintain a prescribed level of knowledge in their student life.

According to the scholars of the muslim world, a Muslim youth should know the following topics with required level of Depth of knowledge one intend to achieve:depth_of_knowledge

1. The basics of Al-Quran: One must have the preliminary knowledge from al Quran to meet the everyday requirement in the life-familiar, social, religious and political. Some verses of the Quran must be understood with proper explanations.

2. The basics of Al-Hadith: he or she should be able to lead a Sunnah-based life with own knowledge. Some common hadith of the everyday life must also be made out with proper explanations.

3. The basics of Masala Masayel (Everyday Islamic Rules): Answers from the muslim scholars on the everyday life must also be known to the muslim youth.

4. The basics of the history of Islam: To encourage the youth, the true life of the great souls and their political lives must also be known to them. The youth will get the ways to lead their lives on the light of the past glorious history of Islam.

5. The basics of Information Technology (IT): At the present era, one must make use of the information technology to enrich their level of knowledge and to preach Islam with the help of internet technology.

6. The expert level knowledge on any one of subjects of science and knowledge: Special attention is required in this very last step. In the first five steps, youth need to get the basic level of knowledge that can be achieved by studying that particular topic for a period of 3 to 6 months.

But in the last steps, the youth must get the expert /professional level of knowledge to serve the interest of the family, nation, world and Islam.

Here he or she should get at least a master degree or a professional qualification that will enable him or her not only to earn more money but also to serve the aim in life as a whole.

The  list of subjects:

A short list of subjects of the achievable master degree that serve our purpose is listed below:

a) Al-Quran

b) Al-Hadith

c) Al-Fiqah

d) Islamic History

e) MSC in Computer Science

f) MBA in Finance

g) MBA in Accounting

h) MA in English

i) MSS in Economics

j) MA in Media & Communication

The List of professional qualification:

A short list of the achievable professional qualification that serves our purpose is listed below:

I. MBBS for becoming doctor

II. ACA for becoming chartered accountant

III. ACS for becoming chartered secretary

IV. ACMA for becoming cost and management accountant

V. ABIA for becoming chartered insurer/ Associate of BIA

VI. EIB for becoming chartered accountant

VII. BIB for becoming banker

VIII. BIBM for becoming banker

IX. CFA of USA for becoming chartered financial analyst

X. ACII of UK  for becoming chartered insurer

XI. ACCA of UK for becoming chartered certified accountant

Hope all of muslim youth of the world must get our points. It is also true that if a non-muslim should follow the above six steps, he or she will also get successful in the life.

Hope your success in the life and the life hereafter.

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